I'm Dan but call me Dichord or Danny or whatever it's cool
I'm really chill about everything so don't be shy to talk to me ok

Dichord/Danny – 21 – Male – Wales, UK – Animation Student – Taken by this beautiful girl right here <3



Just a quick warning that I draw my OCs, fanart and NSFW material!!


Just gave Jessie a bath heh…



Just gave Jessie a bath heh…


Friday, 12 September 2014
WHISPERS ive got a bit of extra money free is it ok if i hit u up about a comission tomorrow?? im going to bed rn so yeah!

Of course, Foss!! ;w; I’ll have commissions open all the way to next week when I have to pay the rent so you can send details over whenever before then uwu

Just email me at losertasticdork@hotmail.co.uk when you get the chance and we can discuss details there!


I need to make about £2000 by September because student loans aren’t going to help me pay rent when I move out, so I’m opening up commissions all through summer!

I’ll draw pretty much anything, including NSFW material and gore! Just ask me and I’m sure we can work something out.

The sketchpages take up 2 pages in my sketchbook (one A4 page in total) and can be mailed out to you! Oh, and I can do them digitally as well if you’d prefer!

And experimental commissions basically involve me using a technique I don’t usually do, like digital painting, markers, watercolours, etc.

My email is losertasticdork@hotmail.co.uk, so send all orders and questions there! That email is also my paypal so if you don’t want a commission but can spare a few bucks I’d really appreciate donations as well! ;w; 

If you can’t give money then please reblog and boost this post at least for me, I’d really appreciate it!

Thank you, everyone!! (◡‿◡✿)

PLEASE COMMISSION ME I only have a week left to make the rent!! ):

Yesterday me and my girlfriend went to the pet shop in her town and I got THIS CLOSE to buying a praying mantis along with the whole set up because I think they’re adorable and it was eating a locust and it was SO COOL

But all this has actually done is made me torn between getting a praying mantis and a Siamese fighting fish because I want both arGHHHH


Thursday, 11 September 2014
yo yo I saw you followed my bjd praise blog, I dunno if you remember but we used to talk a bit on Angel Unlimited when you were new there - my username was alchemiccandy. I'm just dropping by to say hi and your dolls are lookin pretty cute! take care and I hope life is good right now (:

Yeah I remember you!! That was a while ago now oh gosh.. but I remember, yes! c:

And thank you so much! My dolls are my babies haha ;w;

This was another pic I did for Nadopt in exchange for a design! I really like how this one turned out ;w;

This was another pic I did for Nadopt in exchange for a design! I really like how this one turned out ;w;

Tuesday, 9 September 2014
Following on from the reply, I have no idea if its emetophobia that you have? But on average people scared of being sick are so about once every 12 years, where non phobic people is like 5 months, its definitely super controlled by willpower, so chances are you're gonna be fine *hugs* x

I’m pretty sure that I have emetophobia because my fear of it is so intense it’s been interfering with my life a LOT, especially in the last couple months. 

I’m scared of taking certain medication because it might make me sick, and it’s been making me really paranoid about use by dates on food. Sometimes I just can’t eat at all because I feel so nauseous and just can’t bring myself to risk it

I haven’t actually thrown up in years, but lately I’ve been feeling like I’m going to a lot, really often as well, and I’m legitimately terrified of it happening..

panicking way too much to draw like I planned ugh jdhksdf tonight I’ll just try to distract myself because I’m freaking out a lot

I’m so fucking terrified of throwing up holy fuck

I just heard my dad talking on the phone with his work saying he felt ill and can’t get in to work and now I’m too scared to leave my room because I might catch whatever he has, if he has anything, or I might hear him and I’m so scared ugh what do I do

Monday, 8 September 2014

Why do people waste so much energy on hating other people I genuinely don’t understand like… why????

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